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Friday, August 23, 2013

What the last 30 minutes of work feel like....

 So it's Friday and there are 30 minutes left before you can leave and go home to start your exciting life again. But you still have to pretend to be interested in your job. There's nothing left to do and you have the urge to dash out of the office and go home.

You give everybody and attitude because you have no patience to deal with people even if they are nice to you.

And than your boss calls for you to make appointments and send emails last minute. Your world has crumbled into pieces because you were getting ready to plan to your weekend.

You finish everything that needs to be done so you stare out into space to watch time go by.

I wish I could leave now, but my reputation would be shattered.

You go last minute on facebook to see your friends having a good time and getting drunk before you.

And every time you see some one attempt to enter your office, you pretend to look busy and bitchy so they will not approach you.

You don't feel like dealing with any more tasks so you let other people do your work for you.

You blank out into the distance and notice that only 10 minutes have passed by.

Maybe if I closed my eyes for the next few minutes it will be 5 o'clock.

For the love of God, why do people work on Fridays?
Lord, help me.
Your work ethics start to make no sense and you bullshit throughout the last few minutes.
Finally you have 5 minutes so you start to pack your shit.

You boast to your co-workers about how awesome your weekend is gonna be and than you storm out of the office just in time.
Ah, the weekend is coming and finally, you can rest for a few more hours.

Vive le weekend! Im outta here!

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