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Monday, October 7, 2013

Carolyn Petit's Controversial Review of GTA V: Does she make a point?

There has been a bit of a back lash at the GameSpot review of Grand Theft Auto 5 after Carolyn Petit's criticism of the misogynistic and sexist traits featured in the game. It's obvious that the infamous series has been known for beating up hookers and getting away with killing sprees and blowing stuff up. Really other than the missions, who doesn't find time to run over pedestrians on streets during breaks? The whole game is chaotic and there is no surprise that this game is a parody of what society is today. The game flaunts the corrupted balance between the Rich and the Poor, Men as the higher sex versus Women at the bottom of the barrel and Good vs Evil. Personally, I'm not offended by the misogyny in the game. I'd go to the strip clubs and throw money at the dancers and not feel a thing. Call me sexist, that's what the game is about. 

But Carolyn points out that the game rarely features a main character as a woman. I mean out of all three characters, it would have been cool to play as a bad ass chick who has more problems than a guest on Maury. Maybe some one a little more complex, but the fact that she would be a women would give a little more dynamics to the overall game. Being a female which is 40% of the demographics in the gamer community , it would be more relatable to play as a chick. 

Carolyn has been given a lot of shit and backlash over her review even when she gave the game an overall 90/100. There have been petitions signed to have her fired from Gamespot. It's enough as it is that she gets shit over her gender identity. As a gamer she knows what she is taking about unlike Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency), who rants on about feminism in videos games and she has the right to point out her opinion. 

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