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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Generation Y: Are we doing enough for ourselves?

I used to think that living in the 80's seemed so much easier because jobs were more resourceful and there wasn't as much competition as there is now today. The internet was used for high end corporate jobs and it was easier for people to build up from the bottom. Even artists had it better back than. In this day and age, If you want to set a foot print of your brand as an artists or a designer, you need to be everywhere digitally. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Youtube are the basics are even putting yourself out there. It's enough to balance out 4 emails, and more than 10 social media accounts on a daily basis, but there are times when I feel like I haven't given myself time to think freely or work on any projects. Your talent is how well you put yourself  out there. It's all about becoming more popular of the internet in order to be recognized. I feel like in the end, it really doesn't matter how talented you are because it runs back to how grand and bubbly your persona is. 

In the end, how you present yourself on the internet some how generates a wide range of opportunities for you if you happen. If you make videos, update your twitter every 5 seconds, and  post pretentious shit on Instagram, you'll get more followers and somehow those followers will fall for your made up persona. I feel like this generation of opportunities have become more and more in authentic these days.  

It's obvious that I want some recognition for my craft and I'm getting more comfortable with displaying my designs, but I feel lost in actually launching my brand the right way without putting up a fake front about who I am. Honestly it's just a little annoyed at this point. 

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