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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Don Jon Review: Jospeh Gordon Levitt directing debut: Amateur college film or the real deal?

This dude plays a douche better than any guy I've known in my life.

So I went to go see Don Jon with ma boo this weekend and I had absolutely no expectations for this film.It was more of living through the eyes of a douche who seems live a decent life. He's in shape, he get laid, and he keeps up this image that he is the ultimate lady killer. He embodies the typical Italian American guy from Jersey who parties at the club on Saturday and goes to church to absolve his sins on Sunday. Ironic, yes and he pushes that a lot. I guess it's more of a chuckle fest for guys who can relate to living the single life. And the emphasis on this film is Porn. And for some reason, the most things I can relate to in the film was the testimonial to why porn can be amazing. The very first few minutes of the film were the best. The scenario goes off where he turns on his Mac and that infamous start up sound is what every porn enthusiast indulges in hearing before all self-pleasuring sessions begin. It's funny because he describes the preparation of masturbation as it it was an art form. He starts by looking at photos of half naked chicks and he searches endless minutes or even hours looking for the right clip to masturbate to. I swear this monologue couldn't be any more relatable. But it's obvious that he explains it all through a straight male's perspective, and for some reason I noticed my boyfriend nodding his head through out the entire monologue about porn. But he was totally right about how incredible the feeling is when you loose yourself during these precious moments of self pleasure.  

At the end of that monologue, it;s obvious that he admits to being addicted to porn and you see how that affects his relationship with women later on in the film. He goes to the club, he hooks up with the hottest girl and has normal sex with them. It's noticeable that he's never really satisfied because at the end of the night her returns to porn to satisfy his needs. He explains that porn is the emphasis in fantasy of what sex should be. The woman in the video does everything the guy wants and desires. In essence, that's the point of porn, but any mature person knows that in the end that is not what sex is about. I know a friend of mine in the pron industry who always points out that Porn is just a sport: It's whoever can fuck the fastest and cum the hardest. It's nothing really personal or emotional behind it. But Don Jon's character doesn't get that his perspective of women and sex is unhealthy and his addiction to porn weighs heavily on how difficult it is for him to actually figure out what the real meaning of sex should be.

This is when the movie turns into an SNL parody. We are introduced to Scarlet Johanssen's character, Barbara. She basically plays the typical bombshell with a very gross gnawing jersey accent. She's a dime. Perfect body, ladi-da, the obvious. Probably the only reason why she still has a career. Any whoozle, this chick plays hard to get and it is Don's mission to snatch her up. They start dating and they become boyfriend/girlfriend soon enough. Don acts like this is everything he ever wanted, but he realizes that void of confusion and loneliness isn't filled up yet.  Barbara tries to change Don, she tries to change him completely and little by little she ignores what he wants. I never imagined them two as a couple, more like a one night stand.

Later in the film, a third character comes into the film, played by Ultimate Gay Icon, Julianne Moore. She's smart and outspoken. She feels comfortable talking to Don and doesn't judge him one bit. You see where this is going?  I wouldn't expect her to be playing in this film, but some how it works. She's not the type that Don is into. She's beautiful, but she isn't a bimbo looking to get dick at the club. She's human. She knows what she wants. And that expectation that Don has of women (from the unrealistic porn stars he focuses on ) is shattered when he gets to know her.

There are a lot of other elements in the film that make me like this film a lot. The scenes where Don eats with his Family at home are perfect. Tony Danza is the ultimate Italian from Jersey. It's typical, but he commits to his character. Like I said, it's a parody within a parody. Other scenes when Don attends church is definitely laughable. It's the irony of going to the club on Saturday and asking to absolve to sins at church on Sunday. At one point, his confessions become more and more excessive if you pay attention to what he says despite that greasy Jersey accent.

I can't give any more details about this film with out spoiling the ending.

Go see it.

It's funny, relatable and a good date movie.


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